Atlante inaugurates in Bragança its first ultra-fast charging station co- funded by the European Union in Portugal, further expanding its network in the country

Bragança, 16 April 2024 – Atlante, the company of NHOA Group dedicated to electric vehicles (EV) fast and ultra-fast charging network, inaugurated today a new ultra-fast charging station in Bragança, broadening its network in Portugal, where the company is currently the second largest fast and ultra-fast Charging Point Operator (CPO). Equipped with four ultra-fast charging points of up to 300kW, the new Atlante charging station is located in the parking area of the Restaurante Nó da Seara, a strategic position at the exit 44 of the A4 highway that connects northern Portugal with Spain.

The new Atlante station in Bragança will allow EV drivers to recharge the battery of their vehicles in just a few minutes – depending on the model. In addition, to enable four vehicles to charge simultaneously at up to 300kW, a power transformer is available in the proximity of the station for a Medium Voltage power supply. Lastly, the station will be accessible to people with reduced mobility, open 24/7 to all electric vehicles and compatible with every charging standard and service provider for electric mobility.

“Let me congratulate with our Atlante Portugal and Iberia colleagues for the opening of the new station in Bragança, thus further demonstrating our purpose to prioritize not only large cities but also the inland parts of Portugal, which are dense in traffic but scarcer in charging infrastructure. I wish also to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the European Commission for granting Atlante CEF-AFIF fundings and to the Portuguese Ministry of Transportation for supporting our CEF Portugal projects back in 2022 and again in 2023. By opening this new station, Atlante reinforces its goal of equipping as many strategic locations as possible with its fast and ultra-fast charging stations. Our main objective is to deploy the largest network of fast and ultra-fast chargers in Southern Europe, leveraging on the evolving charging technology that allows users to reduce progressively charging times. And this opening is a further step in that direction” states Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante.

In Portugal, Atlante can count on a widespread and reliable network, with chargers in premium locations such as supermarket chains, charging hubs, and several points of interest with the best up time. In 2023 the company registered over 350 thousand charging sessions, with over 6.500MWh of energy delivered through the chargers and installed more than 300 new fast and ultra-fast points of charge. These numbers frame the company’s sustainable commitment to guarantee 100% renewable energy consumption and consolidate its position in the Portuguese market.

Following Bragança, Atlante is planning the opening of new stations with similar features in Tondela, Guarda, and Villa Velha de Rodao. These sites will be co-funded by the European Union, as a result of Atlante’s selection under CEF Transport – Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility, the funding programme by the European Union supporting European transport infrastructure and facilitating the roll-out of the EV ultra-fast charging infrastructure along the Trans-European Transport road Network (TEN-T).

Registered as an authorized eMobility Service Provider (eMSP) in Portugal (CEME – Comercializadores de Eletricidade para a Mobilidade Elétrica) within the MOBI.E ecosystem, and in line with the European AFIR Regulation, Atlante will start using its eMSP license to directly provide the final users with 100% green energy through the POS terminals placed on all newly installed chargers above 50kW. Besides, the company will also retrofit with POS terminals the chargers in the most strategic locations, to enable direct payment and to offer a smooth and customer-oriented charging experience.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Atlante adopted a strategy that involves a per-kWh rate (€/kWh) tariff to avoid penalizing the vehicles from older generation that cannot take advantage of high-rate charging. Thus, Atlante ensures that the total cost of charging reflects the actual energy charged rather than the time spent to charge, being inclusive for all kind of EVs.

Providing smooth and reliable fastcharging experience, enabled by 100% renewable energy, in highly strategic locations is Atlante’s key proposition towards a more accessible and sustainable mobility across Southern Europe. In line with the solutions Atlante is deploying in other geographies, the strategic vision of the company goes far beyond being a mere charging point operator. In fact, by leveraging NHOA Group’s know-how in energy storage, once Portuguese legislation will allow it, Atlante will be able to couple cutting-edge charging solutions with battery energy storage systems and on-site solar energy production, thus reducing the impact of the growing electrified car parc on the national power grid, while ensuring outmost sustainability and affordable prices for final users.


Atlante inaugurates in Bragança its first ultra-fast charging station co- funded by the European Union in Portugal, further expanding its network in the country
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