Legal Notice

Legal Notice

In accordance with the law, we invite you to read these conditions of use (hereinafter the “Conditions”) as well as any specific condition appearing on the pages of the Site, governing your use of the Site. These Conditions relate to your legal rights and responsibilities applicable when you browse the Site.

The Site is made available to you free of charge (excluding connection fees to the Site) for your personal use, subject to compliance with the Conditions defined below.

By accessing or using the Site, you acknowledge that you have read, that you understand and that you agree to be bound by these Conditions, as well as that you agree to comply with all of the laws and regulations applicable. If you do not accept these Conditions, please do not use this Site.

You agree to access the information on the Site only for personal, non-commercial use. You can only use the Site for a legitimate purpose; no use or diversion is authorized, in particular for purposes contrary to public order and morality.

NHOA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify any element of the Site at any time. As part of its policy of updating and optimizing the Site, NHOA may decide to modify the content of these Conditions. We therefore invite you to consult them very regularly.


Limitation of liability and exclusion of warranty


As a user of the Site, you acknowledge that you have the skills and means required to access and use it. NHOA and its contributors make every effort to ensure that the information displayed on the Site is accurate and up to date, by reserving the right to modify the content at any time without notice. However, they cannot guarantee that this information is complete, or that it will not be modified by a third party (hacking, virus). NHOA and its contributors also decline any responsibility (direct or indirect) in the event of delay, error or omission with regard to the content and use of these pages, as well as in the event of interruption or of unavailability of the service. You acknowledge that you have been informed that the Site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure, computer difficulties, difficulties related to the structure of telecommunications networks or other technical difficulties. For maintenance reasons, NHOA may interrupt the Site. NHOA will endeavor to notify users in advance. NHOA is not responsible for delays, difficulty of use, or incompatibility between this Site and files, your browser or any other program for accessing the Site. NHOA cannot in any case be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from or consecutive to the dissemination by a third person of a virus via the Site and likely to infect your computer system following your connection to the Site, to the use of the Site or to navigation on the Site. Likewise NHOA cannot be held liable for any material or incidental damage (including, but not limited to, technical failure, disclosure of confidential documents, loss of data), or for any other indirect damage whatsoever occurring during or related to the use of the Site. NHOA strives to ensure to the best of its ability the accuracy and updating of the information published on the Site, the content of which it reserves the right to correct at any time and without prior notice.

However, NHOA and its contributors do not give any guarantee or assume any responsibility, in any case, as for the adequacy, the sequence, the accuracy, the absence of errors, the veracity, the news, the loyal and commercial character, the quality, the merits, and the availability of the information contained on the Site. Each internet user fully assumes the risks linked to the credit they grant to this information. Erroneous information or omissions may be noted due in particular to typographical or layout errors. If you find any errors, you are invited to report them to us so that the appropriate corrections can be made. The elements of the Site are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, implicit or explicit. Any dated information that is published on the Site only applies to the date specified only. It is also recalled that the secrecy of correspondence is not guaranteed on the network and that it is up to each Internet user to take all appropriate measures in order to protect their own data and / or software from contamination from possible viruses circulating on the Internet.


Hypertext links


The hypertext links set up towards other applications or websites cannot engage the responsibility of NHOA, in particular with regard to the content of these sites and applications. NHOA is not responsible for the hypertext links which lead to the Site.


Applicable law and competent jurisdiction


The absence of exercise by NHOA or you (hereinafter “the Parties”) of a right or legal action under these Conditions cannot be considered as a waiver of such a right or to such an action. The Site is governed by Italian law. These Conditions will be governed by Italian law and interpreted in accordance with Italian law. In the event of a dispute, the Parties must, before any referral, find an amicable solution. In the absence of an amicable solution, the courts competent to hear the dispute will be the Italian courts materially and territorially competent. If, for any reason whatsoever, a competent court considers that a provision of these Conditions is invalid, the invalidity of this provision will in no way affect the validity of the rest of the Conditions, which will remain in force.