New commissioning in Taiwan for NHOA Energy with TCC, reaching over 550MWh online across Asia

Paris, 16 April 2024 – NHOA Energy, the company of NHOA Group dedicated to energy storage, successfully commissioned the over 120MWh energy storage project for Taiwan Cement Group (“TCC Group”) located within the SuAo plant, in the Yilan County, Taiwan.

Falling within a wider landscape of successful projects worldwide, SuAo commissioning confirms NHOA Energy’s foothold in Asia, with over 550MWh of systems in operation, and its solid growth path globally, with c. 2GWh online and under construction in 5 continents, reflecting the commitment to drive sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

The entering in operation of SuAo system marks another key step in Taiwan’s energy transition, coinciding with the government’s pledge for carbon neutrality by 2050, with important investments to strengthen smart grids and encourage energy storage systems.

NHOA Energy leads the market in providing premium energy storage systems that meet the E-dReg (Enhanced Dynamic Regulation) service requirements set by Taiwan Power Corporation, the Transmission System Operator, and at the same time support industrial behind-the-meter peak shaving for onsite electricity consumption. This demonstrates the strength of NHOA Energy’s cutting-edge proprietary technology, which is crucial in fulfilling one of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding ancillary service programs, integrating various services to maintain grid frequency and handle substantial daily peak energy fluctuations.

The commissioning of the over 120MWh project at the SuAo plant for TCC Group represents another key step on NHOA Energy’s growth path in Asia.  With over 550MWh currently online, NHOA Energy solidifies its position at the forefront of the energy transition in the region and globally. As countries across Asia invest heavily in clean energy to meet their climate targets and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, NHOA Energy’s projects exemplify the critical role of innovative energy storage solutions in enabling the integration of renewable energy and address the sustainable supply requirements of the industrial sector,” commented Lucie Kanius-Dujardin, Executive Vice President Global Markets of NHOA Energy.


New commissioning in Taiwan for NHOA Energy with TCC, reaching over 550MWh online across Asia
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