NHOA CUP 2024 | Central Alps Regional Alpine Skiing Championships – Children Category kick off in Ponte di Legno

Milan, 4 March 2024 – At the offices of the Global Engineering Center of NHOA Group, was held this afternoon a press conference for the presentation of the AC Regional Championships – Children Category, to take place in the Pontedilegno-Tonale ski area from March 7 to 10.

The press conference was opened by Francesco Bettoni, Vice President of FISI, who then handed over to Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Founder and CEO of NHOA Group, Alessandro Serra, former Responsible and Head Coach of Alpine Skiing World Cup National Teams and Technical Director of the NHOA Élite Program, and Luca Mantovani, who presented the NHOA Cup and the NHOA Ski Team project. Vice President Bettoni then conveyed greetings from the FISI President Roda and congratulated NHOA Group on the project and for believing in and investing in young athletes’ sports and personal growth. The more than 400 qualified young athletes will run against the clock divided into two categories, under 14 and under 16, in the disciplines of special slalom, giant slalom, super-G and combined.

The culmination of the event will be the parade through the center of Ponte di Legno and the awards ceremony at which Martina Vozza and Ylenia Sabidussi, athletes of the Italian FISIP National Paralympic Alpine Skiing Team that NHOA Group accompanies on their World Cup journey, will also be present. They have just come back to Italy after podiums on the slopes of Sapporo in Japan and Austria.

The Regional Championships will be supported by NHOA Group and organized by the NHOA Ski Team, a FISI-affiliated sports club founded last December with roots in the historic Goga and Trubi ski clubs with more than 40 years of history.

The NHOA Ski Team is a unique project that was created in the context of the NHOA Élite Program with the ambition of becoming the nationwide training model for all clubs that feel the responsibility to raise young people in a context of excellence, balance and inclusion.

Thanks to a technical staff dedicated to psycho-physical training through models developed in cutting-edge elite contexts, and under the direction of Alessandro Serra, the NHOA Élite Program aims to provide athletes not only with the best technical skills through the NHOA Ski Team, but above all with the tools to learn how to manage emotionality and fragility, transforming their limitations into a driving force, in a fun and inclusive environment.

NHOA Group, in the context of its social commitment and first and foremost to its employees and the athletes of the NHOA Ski Team, through the NHOA Élite Program promotes the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion as core values and alpine skiing as an educational medium, reflecting the values of the Group, today among the world leaders in renewable energy storage and electric mobility, with more than 500 employees of 42 nationalities and 50 percent women in the management team.

The NHOA Cup 2024 boasts Il Sole 24 Ore as media partner, Tecnica Group with Nordica and Blizzard as technical partners, and Huawei, a global technology leader in digitization with more than 3 billion customers, along with Onesporter, the reference application for digitalizing athletic training for more than 10,000 athletes worldwide, as technology partners.

Such synergies underscore the importance that NHOA Group and its partners attach to sports as a means for personal and professional development, as well as a channel for encouraging a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Commitment also shared by FISI’s long-standing supporters, Cancro Primo Aiuto, ETS-ODV, Columbus Clinic Center and Enrico Colombo Impianti Tecnologici, who have been supporting the Federation for years to enable children to practice these disciplines in contact with nature.

In this context, Tecnica Group’s “Recycle Your Boots” stand will be present on Saturday, March 9, an project inviting skiers to give new life to ski boots no longer in use by bringing them to the stand so that they can be recycled in deference to the highest standards of sustainability, a sign of a tangible commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the sport and in line with NHOA Group’s sustainability goals.

Our support for the Regional Children’s Alpine Skiing Championships and the NHOA Ski Team is not just a sports or social commitment, but a reflection of the values and history of NHOA Group. In these Central Alps a little over 10 years ago we founded a start-up that has now grown into a Group with over 270 million in revenues. In these Central Alps our founders made great sacrifices, they were athletes and skiers, and here today we still continue to produce innovative technologies for the energy transition that we export to 5 continents. Skiing is not just a sport, but a powerful educational tool capable of promoting a healthy lifestyle, in harmony with nature and oriented towards sustainability, which when embraces diversity and inclusion can become an unparalleled value pillar for future generations,” commented Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Founder and CEO of NHOA Group.

The Regional Championships in this category are a privileged showcase for young athletes in alpine skiing, a sport that requires not only talent, spirit of sacrifice and exceptional physical preparation, but also a strong mental resilience. More importantly, these competitions are an opportunity for an extraordinary growth for all these young athletes, who learn to compete beyond the result in a healthy, strong and aware manner, ready to face future challenges with determination and respect for the environment,” commented Alessandro Serra, Technical Director of the NHOA Élite Program.


NHOA CUP 2024 | Central Alps Regional Alpine Skiing Championships – Children Category kick off in Ponte di Legno
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