Harmony and physical and mental balance at the heart of NHOA Group’s strategy

Unveiled the new People Strategy and NHOA Élite Program

Milan, 5 June 2023 – The NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) today, on the World Environment Day, announced a step change involving all employees starting with the new organization that strengthens the Group structure, further enhancing the value of its three business units: NHOA Energy, Atlante and Free2move eSolutions.

In the context of the new organization, the Group’s main role is to preserve the corporate values and culture that have historically inspired its mission and vision since the arrival, exactly 10 years ago, of the Group’s co-founder and CEO, Carlalberto Guglielminotti.

NHOA Group even today continues with increasing commitment to fight climate change by fostering the energy transition to clean energy and sustainable mobility, with the goal of being a global technology leader and shaping a sustainable future for the next generations.

This would not be possible without having at the center of the Group’s strategy the extraordinary people who turn this vision and mission into reality: over 500 people of 36 nationalities who every day, with commitment and sacrifice, take the energy transition to the next level in four continents.

To reinforce the centrality of its people, NHOA Group today announced its new People Strategy, available to everyone (nhoa.energy/about-us/#people-strategy) to stimulate its adoption by other companies that want to put their people at the very center stage.

At the heart of the new People Strategy is the NHOA Élite Program, an innovative program that will enable all NHOA Group employees to become élite leaders in their respective fields, by providing training and support with world-class experts for physical and mental balance and performance optimization.

The mission of the NHOA Élite Program is to cultivate within each company of the Group a culture of excellence but also harmony and balance, providing all employees with access to training, coaching and support developed in élite contexts, under the technical direction and coordination of Alessandro Serra, for 7 years Head Coach of Alpine Skiing World Cup National Teams for Italy and Finland, participating in 3 Olympic Games and 5 World Championships.

Through the support and services offered by the NHOA Élite Program, NHOA Group employees will not develop additional knowledge or technical skills, but rather the mindset and balance needed to excel in their professional and personal lives and to represent NHOA Group as élite leaders in their respective fields.

The program is built on 3 pillars: physical well-being, mental well-being, and performance optimization; to act on each of these, NHOA Group has selected world-class professionals in their respective fields.

On physical well-being, the first pillar, the program will involve Stefania Bianchini, the most successful woman in the Italian history of combat sports with 4 world titles in kickboxing and 4 in boxing, and Marco Tagliaferri, athletic trainer of international athletes in cycling and endurance sports. All activity scheduling and monitoring will be managed through the app dedicated to the NHOA Élite Program created by Onesporter, founded by Andrea Lazzaro, an international benchmark for digitizing athletic preparation for more than 10,000 athletes worldwide, including participants in the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Regarding the pillar of mental well-being, NHOA Group has selected as its point of reference Progetto Psiche, the association chaired by Dr. Laura Calabresi and Dr. Francesca Ghezzi Confalonieri, which counts over 60 psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, speech therapists and nutritionists. The Progetto Psiche team will provide continuous training services, workshops dedicated to mental well-being, a psychological helpdesk and individual therapy sessions for the purposes of prevention and awareness.

The S.F.E.R.A. Method, on the other hand, is NHOA Group’s choice for the performance optimization pillar being the reference model in the international landscape for performance development, presented to the scientific community at the XII World Congress of Sport Psychology in Morocco in 2009. The program includes training through the S.F.E.R.A. Method for the management team at the Group level and in all business units, as well as dedicated training programs for all employees on performance optimization with focus for specific groups on the topic of anti-fragility.

The program also includes the direct involvement of the founder of the S.F.E.R.A. Method, Professor Giuseppe Vercelli, Head of the Psychological Area of Juventus F.C., Italian Winter Sports Federation and Official Psychologist of the Italian National Olympic Committee for 5 Olympic Games, as well as his entire team.

The NHOA Élite Program will run for three years until 2026, and all services and activities will be available to all NHOA Group employees, in different forms and intensities depending on their corporate roles, as well as to all athletes and selected coaches of the sports clubs that NHOA Group supports.

The new People Strategy, which now couples NHOA Élite Program with FamilyWorking, launched in 2020 and made perpetual last year, will be the new ground on which NHOA Group will build its growth toward the 2025 and 2030 targets set in Masterplan10x, keeping people’s physical and mental harmony and balance at its core.


Harmony and physical and mental balance at the heart of NHOA Group’s strategy
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