Electric Mobility: ATLANTE joins ALIS

Guido Grimaldi: “ALIS and Atlante share the same vision of a sustainable future for the next generations, working towards a truly cleaner world with no polluting emissions”

“Since its establishment, the primary objective at ALIS has been the development of sustainability. I’m therefore very proud to welcome Atlante, a company of NHOA Group, which is developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging public network for electric vehicles in Southern Europe, enabled by renewables and supported by storage systems, to make an enormous contribution to the achievement of zero-emission mobility. ALIS and Atlante really do share the same vision of a sustainable future for the next generations greatly committed to working together to achieve a genuine energy and environmental transition and a truly cleaner world with no polluting emissions. Therefore, we’re looking ahead with a great deal of attention and optimism to Atlante’s upcoming objectives, to install 5,000 fast and ultra-fast charging points in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal by 2025, rising to over 35,000 by 2030.”

The ALIS Chairman Guido Grimaldi has announced the affiliation of Atlante, company created as a result of the partnership between the NHOA Group – the developer and investor in the network as owner-operator, Free2move eSolutions – the technology supplier, and the Stellantis automotive group.

“It is indeed with great pleasure that Atlante has joined the wider family at ALIS, a benchmark association in the sector of intermodal logistics on a national and international scale. For us, sharing the same challenges in the construction of a more sustainable mobility in the near future is an absolute priority and, being able to do so as part of ALIS provides essential stimulus to the creation of a better tomorrow for the forthcoming generations”, commented Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante.

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