Atlante powers up the smart e-cup

Atlante will take the smart e-cup through Italy as energy partner

Milan, 15 May 2023 – The energy transition represents an increasingly important pillar of the automotive world, and motorsport, as its highest expression, is no exception. That’s why Atlante, a high-end player in the world of ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles, has chosen to play a leading role in e-motorsport by offering its ‘energy’ know-how to the smart e-cup, the full-electric series wanted by Mercedes-Benz Italy.

Starting from the 2023 season, the sixth in the incredible history of the first and, as of today, only championship in the world dedicated to an electric touring car, Atlante will be an energy partner of the smart e-cup, bringing to the track its point of view about public fast and ultra-fast charging for EVs and significantly supporting the competition as well as more broadly the entire e-mobility sector.

Atlante is a company of NHOA Group, formerly Engie EPS, global player in energy storage and e-mobility, which aims to develop technologies enabling the transition towards clean energy and sustainable mobility, shaping the future of a next generation living in harmony with our planet. As of today, Atlante is developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, with over 2,600 points of charge online and under construction between Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, aiming to reach 35,000 points of charge by 2030.

I am proud of this partnership with smart EQ fortwo e-cup, the world’s first mono-brand championship dedicated to a zero-emission production car. Atlante is ready to hit the track alongside the ferocious smarts e-cup, providing ‘pure energy’ to a sport passion that grows year by year. We are making the same ‘pure energy’ available to our customers through the development of a fastcharging infrastructure, 100% powered by green energy. We have the ambition to develop the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe to ensure e-mobility for everyone,” said Alberto Arosio, Global Chief Growth Officer of Atlante. “The smart e-cup perfectly embodies this goal as it symbolizes urban e-mobility, simple and immediate. Therefore, I invite all fans of the smart EQ fortwo e-cup to visit Atlante’s space, set up at each race circuit, to discover our vision of zero-emission mobility and our daily commitment to protecting our planet.”

Year after year, the smart e-cup is an increasingly interesting and successful project, a vibrant and powerful marketing platform applied to motorsport. Although started off quietly, in 2018 we were the only one in the world, today we can boast of having by our side a global player like Atlante, which has chosen the smart e-cup to show all the infinite capabilities and the high technology it is working on” are the words of Massimo Arduini, CEO of Lug Prince & Decker, the company that invented, designed and promoted the full-electric series wanted by Mercedes-Benz Italy. “Atlante is a top company in the world of e-mobility, with activities throughout Southern Europe. As an energy partner, I am sure that will provide the right charge to our smart e-cups to enjoy electrifying and tight races again this year.

The sixth season of the smart e-cup will start on May 21 at the Misano Adriatico racetrack, the first of five events that will host the 12 races that will make up the electrifying 2023 season as traditionally streamed live on more than 60 web portals simultaneously.


Atlante powers up the smart e-cup
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