Atlante and Buccinasco: 38 electric vehicle charging points inaugurated in the Milanese municipality

Milan, 18 May 2023 – Atlante, the company of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to electric vehicles fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure, officially inaugurated today 8 charging stations, for a total of 38 quick and fast charging points in the Municipality of Buccinasco, near Milan.

This milestone represents the conclusion of a journey between Atlante and the Municipality of Buccinasco, which began last May with Atlante being awarded a public tender launched by the Municipality for the installation of charging stations, exclusively powered by renewable energy and accessible to people with reduced mobility. As planned, the stations were put into service in several phases, with the first quick charging points already in operation since the end of 2022. The new installations significantly strengthen Atlante’s capillarity on the territory, particularly in the metropolitan area of Milan and along important communication routes. Following its mission, Atlante invested in the project and managed all development and implementation phases without burdening the Municipality’s budget. In full respect of sustainability, Atlante also committed to restoring green areas and planting new trees in spaces to be identified by the Municipality.

Located in the southwest area of Milan, the Municipality of Buccinasco has almost 30,000 residents, most of whom are daily commuters to the center of Lombardy’s capital. Buccinasco plays a crucial role in terms of electric mobility for the surrounding area and, more generally, has become a reference point for those who choose to use ecological and sustainable means of transport, having proven to be a virtuous example in promoting sustainable mobility and combating climate change on several occasions.

The inauguration ceremony held today at the Atlante station in Via Lomellina, in the presence of Rino Pruiti, Mayor of the Municipality of Buccinasco, and Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante, also saw the participation of the local community, who could witness the first plug’s inaugural moment and see the charging stations’ operation live.

The partnership with the Municipality of Buccinasco represents a success story that I hope will become a replicable model in many other Italian municipalities. Our mission often overlaps with the expectations and projects of sustainable mobility of public administrations, especially at the municipal level. Our modus operandi allows citizens of these municipalities to benefit from modern and efficient charging infrastructure, specifically designed for the territories and communities concerned, without any burden on municipal finances or resources. First and foremost, I would like to thank the Mayor and his team of professionals for their forward-looking vision, and above all for making the necessary skills available for this project in a transparent and proactive collaboration, which is a virtuous example for all municipal administrations,” commented Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante.

As we have indicated in our mandate plan,” said the Mayor of Buccinasco, Rino Pruiti, “we believe it is necessary to promote sustainability strategies and actions. It becomes urgent to invest in electric and lightweight mobility and consequently also in infrastructure, charging facilities, in particular fast ones. Our Municipality has wanted to take this step decisively, putting our citizens in a position to circulate safely and to achieve the goals of decarbonizing transportation. For this reason, the City Council approved at first the Regulation to allow the installation of charging stations and then the Administration called for a tender among operators and today, with Atlante, we have added to the existing infrastructure, more than thirty new points of charge, which are already operational“.

Atlante thus confirms its commitment to the electrification of Southern Europe and to the development of the largest network of fast and ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles, the first to be integrated with the public network and fully powered by renewable energy. Of the remaining 8 charging points, out of the total of 46 planned, 4 will be soon put into operation, as already installed and just waiting for grid connection, while the last 4 will be operational after the completion of the medium voltage connection process.


Atlante and Buccinasco: 38 electric vehicle charging points inaugurated in the Milanese municipality
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