107MWh energy storage system successfully commissioned in China, enabling one of the largest industrial microgrids globally

Paris, 25 September 2023 – NHOA Energy, the company of NHOA Group dedicated to energy storage, successfully commissioned a 107MWh energy storage project for Taiwan Cement Group (“TCC Group”) located within the Yingde Plant in Guangdong province, China.

NHOA Energy’s 107MWh battery storage is fully into operation and, seamlessly dispatched with 42MW of waste-heat-recovery systems combined with 8MWp solar PV of the cement plant, sits at the core of one of the largest industrial microgrids globally. The project provides TCC Group’s Guangdong Yingde plant with important flexibility services by managing, through NHOA Energy’s proprietary energy management system, the peaks in energy demand and acting as a back-up for critical equipment in cement plants to avoid damages caused by sudden blackouts.

The introduction of NHOA Energy storage technology coupled with waste-heat-recovery and solar energy is part of TCC Group’s commitment to promote the energy transition and achieve carbon reduction goals, implementing also the 6-Zero Factory guidelines proposed by the China Building Materials Federation, including zero external power purchases and zero carbon emission plants.

NHOA Energy storage project is expected to store about 46 million kWh of electricity per year, providing flexibility services which can save electricity up to 21.3 million yuan RMB per year. The system will also support the Guangdong Provincial Government’s energy storage development policy, thus resulting in special subsidies to be granted annually.

In this critical time of global energy transition, the most important things to focus on are energy efficiency, renewable energies, and circularity. East, West, North, South, Europe and Asia are all integral parts of one Earth”, commented Nelson Chang, Chairman of TCC Group.

We are proud to support with our project TCC and the Guangdong region in pursuing their carbon reduction goals. NHOA Energy’s proprietary energy management system will optimize the generation and consumption profile of the industrial microgrid, while also supporting the regional grid towards its 100% green energy objective, taking the energy transition in the area one step forward in total accordance with NHOA Group’s and TCC’s shared mission of fostering a positive change for the future of our planet”, commented Giuseppe Artizzu, CEO of NHOA Energy.


107MWh energy storage system successfully commissioned in China, enabling one of the largest industrial microgrids globally
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