Sonae Sierra and Atlante team up for sustainable mobility: contract signed for a first charging station in the Italian shopping centers

Milan, 11 January 2022 – Sonae Sierra and Atlante, the Global Business Line of NHOA Group (NHOA: PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to electric vehicle fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure, announce the signing of the first contract for the electrification of Sonae Sierra’s assets in Italy.

The agreement between Atlante and Sonae Sierra involves the installation of a first fastcharging station for electric vehicles at Biella’s Gli Orsi shopping center open to both customers and public. At the same time, detailed assessments continue for the construction of a second charging station at the shopping center Le Terrazze in La Spezia.

The two initiatives are part of the sustainability path undertaken by Sonae Sierra in recent years, which has already led the Company to reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 80%.

Atlante is developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, enabled by renewables, energy storage and 100% vehicle-grid-integrated. To do so, Atlante plans to install in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal 5,000 fastchargers by 2025, and over 35,000 by 2030.

“Sustainability has always been at the heart of Sonae Sierra’s business strategies. We increasingly set ourselves the goal of developing projects and solutions that generate shared value for the company, the environment and the society, broadening the focus of our attention to urban space in a wider sense, and not specifically only to the retail real estate sector. Our company has also been committed for some time to raising awareness among its employees, as well as our stakeholders, on the need to join forces to respond to the main issues related to climate change. For these reasons, we are very enthusiastic about this project at Biella’s mall Gli Orsi, a first important step that will help us and our partners to build an even more sustainable urban environment, and also attentive to the needs of local communities” said José Maria Robles, Sonae Sierra General Manager, Property Management in Italy, Romania and Greece.

“I am very proud that Sonae Sierra has chosen Atlante to continue on its electrification path to support electric mobility. Particularly significant for Atlante is the strong presence of Sonae Sierra in three of our target countries – Italy, Spain and Portugal – and even more the sustainability project that it has undertaken with great seriousness. With Atlante’s zero-emission fastcharging stations, we want to contribute to this project. I am convinced that it is only the first important step of a shared path” commented Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante.


Sonae Sierra and Atlante team up for sustainable mobility: contract signed for a first charging station in the Italian shopping centers
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