NHOA Group towards the World Cup alongside paralympic skiers Martina Vozza and Ylenia Sabidussi

Paris, 6 February 2023 – NHOA Group, (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) global player in energy storage, e-mobility and EV fast and ultra-fast charging network, is proud to announce that will accompany Martina Vozza and her guide Ylenia Sabidussi in their journey to the Paralympic Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Martina Vozza, 19 years old, visually impaired paralympic skier, and Ylenia Sabidussi, 28 years old, Martina’s guide, are athletes of the Italian Paralympic Winter Sport Federation (FISIP) and compete in the Visually Impaired category, class B2. Following their triumphant debut at the 2021 Para Snow Sports World Championships in Lillehammer, they qualified for the Paralympic Winter Games of Beijing 2022, where Martina was the youngest athlete of the Italian National Team. In the 2023 season, the duo won the World Cup in Super-G and two silver medals in Downhill and Super-G at the World Championships in Spain. In the 2024 season, they have returned to the World Cup circuit, after an injury, ranking among the top three many times, including at Cortina d’Ampezzo, on the slopes where the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of Milano Cortina 2026 will be held.

We are honored to be with Martina and Ylenia on their World Cup journey, and I am sure they will be an inspiration to all NHOA Group and NHOA Ski Team people. We firmly believe that excellence, on the slopes as in professional life, can only be achieved through passion, commitment, and perseverance, fundamental values for NHOA that Martina and Ylenia represent at the highest levels”, commented Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of NHOA Group.

Choosing Martina and Ylenia for this shared journey, built around NHOA Ski Team, was natural: NHOA has always placed its people at the center, and being able to support two young paralympic athletes represents an obvious development of the project born with the NHOA Élite Program. For Martina and Ylenia, this translates into having a true partner by their side to fly even higher, for NHOA Ski Team young athletes into growing embracing inclusion in the world of competitions, and for NHOA Group employees into living in a company where diversity is considered the absolute key to success.

To support the two élite athletes will be made available all the services of the NHOA Élite Program, dedicated to the psycho-physical wellbeing of all NHOA Group collaborators and coordinated by Alessandro Serra, who served for 7 years as the Responsible and Head Coach of the Alpine Skiing World Cup National Teams for Italy and Finland, with 3 Olympic Games and 5 World Championships under his belt. The two young skiers will also have access to the performance development pathway of the S.F.E.R.A. Model, created by Giuseppe Vercelli, Professor of Psychology at the University of Turin, Head of the Psychological Area for Juventus F.C., the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI), and the official psychologist of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) for 5 Olympic Games. Martina and Ylenia will be able to complement their athletic training with high-profile figures such as Marco Tagliaferri and Stefania Bianchini, and rely on the psychological support provided by Progetto Psiche, all in coordination with FISIP and SportXAll Hans Erlacher Team, who have historically supported and continue to support Martina and Ylenia in their sports journey. Lastly, the two athletes will be followed by the professionals of Onesporter, including CEO and founder Andrea Lazzaro, and will have access to the NHOA Élite app, a performance tracking and monitoring application developed by Onesporter and dedicated to the NHOA Élite Program.

We are more than thrilled, we really needed people like those at NHOA by our side, people who are going to support us throughout the sports journey of performance growth, in a project that looks to 2026 and beyond”, commented Martina Vozza and Ylenia Sabidussi.


NHOA Group towards the World Cup alongside paralympic skiers Martina Vozza and Ylenia Sabidussi
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