NHOA becomes partner of EMERGENCY to support Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with a mobile clinic

Paris, 11 May 2022 – NHOA (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS), global player in renewable energy storage and e-mobility, joins EMERGENCY – a humanitarian NGO that since 1994 provides free medical treatment to the victims of war, poverty and landmines – in a project in favor of Ukrainian civilians forced to leave the country in search of safety.

NHOA firmly condemns the Russian invasion and atrocities Ukraine is suffering and chooses not to be impassive in front of this humanitarian tragedy. NHOA will thus contribute to primary medical care and psychological assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war by funding three months of medicines and activity of EMERGENCY’s Politruck, a mobile outpatient clinic, currently located in Moldovia, that can move where most needed to quickly adapt to the unpredictable events of the conflict.

As of today, the EMERGENCY team – composed by doctors, nurses, psychologists, and mediators – through the Politruck offers basic medicine and nursing services, psychological aid and counselling to hundreds of refugees that daily receive assistance in the three reception centres of Balti, the second largest city in Moldova.

EMERGENCY pursues the right to high-quality healthcare, conceived as a fundamental and inalienable right based on equality, life quality, and social responsibility. NHOA is committed to accelerate technological and social development through the energy transition and shares with its main shareholder, TCC, the mission to shape a better world for a next generation living in harmony with our planet. None of this can be accomplished without freedom, justice, and peace: this is at the base of NHOA and EMERGENCY’s partnership.

We thank NHOA for the important support offered to our activity in Moldova, the poorest country in Europe where thousands of Ukrainian refugees, mostly women, children and elderly, continue to arrive. So far, many of them are planning to stop there hoping to return home soon, while others are on their way to other states” said Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY. “All of them need to regain a sense of humanity and EMERGENCY contributes by offering them initial support and continuity of assistance. We do not know what will happen in the next few days. We will stay there as long as necessary, but we hope as little as possible, because that would mean that the war is over”.

It’s time to join forces and run the extra mile for a future of freedom and prosperity” commented Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of NHOA Group. “The strength and courage of the Ukrainian people are an inspiration to the world, and we are glad to do our part to support them in this time of need. We are honoured to support EMERGENCY as they work to provide relief to Ukrainian civilians forced to flee their homes, and we trust that the Politruck will help those most in need of care. My sincere thanks also go to NHOA people who, on their own initiative, organized a collection of basic necessities for Ukrainian families.”

NHOA, with its program SocialEnergy, is undertaking a series of initiatives to provide relief to Ukrainian families impacted by these tragic events. Among them, NHOA will support EMERGENCY once again by sponsoring a live charity concert for Ukrainian children, to be held in Milan at Tennis Club Lombardo on Thursday 12 May.


NHOA becomes partner of EMERGENCY to support Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with a mobile clinic
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