Atlante to install fastcharging points in over 80 ALDI supermarkets in Spain

The agreement between ALDI and Atlante will bring the best charging experience to ALDI’s customers and employees, while also significantly supporting mobility electrification


Barcelona, 11 July 2024 – Atlante, the company of NHOA Group dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs) fast and ultra-fast charging network, has signed an agreement with ALDI, one of the leading supermarket brands in Spain, to install and operate electric vehicle fastcharging points in their supermarkets.

ALDI and Atlante have initially selected 80 supermarkets, which may become more as the partnership progresses. Atlante will install fastchargers with power outputs of 90kW to 120kW, which will allow users to charge fully their vehicles including while shopping at ALDI’s stores. Atlante’s fastcharging points will enhance the overall service level of ALDI’s supermarket car parks, making them obvious choice for the growing number of EV users.

Each new fastcharging station will host from 2 to 4 charging points, ensuring sufficient availability for the supermarket users. In addition, Atlante is bringing its expertise in energy storage to the collaboration, enabling the infrastructure to scale rapidly as usage increases.

Atlante’s new fastcharging points will support multiple payment methods to ensure the outmost accessibility and a seamless experience for all customers. These will include contactless payment terminals for credit or debit cards (POS), RFID cards and pay-by-link, by scanning a QR code on the charger screen. In addition, users can benefit from direct access via the myAtlante App or any of the over 70 interoperable third-party e-mobility apps (EMSPs) fully integrated in Atlante’s digital platforms.

This agreement with ALDI demonstrates confidence in our advanced technological solutions and operational capabilities, allowing us to reassert our commitment to promoting sustainable mobility in Spain” comments Giovanni Ravina CEO of Atlante Iberia. “With these new installations, we aim to provide ALDI customers with a convenient charging experience while they shop, seamlessly integrating electric mobility into their daily lives”.

At ALDI, we understand responsibility as a transversal value that guides all our operations. In our supermarkets, we offer charging points for electric vehicles as part of our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. With this agreement, we take another step in our desire to continue offering our customers an even more convenient, efficient, and simple service,” declares David Carim, Real Estate and Expansion Managing Director at ALDI Spain.

Technological innovation, the use of renewable energy and a fast, convenient and intuitive user experience are at the heart of Atlante’s philosophy to create truly sustainable, zero-emission mobility accessible to all. The recent agreement with ALDI to bring electric fastcharging to its supermarkets contributes to Atlante’s growing presence in this segment, confirming its potential and leadership in the electric mobility sector.


Atlante to install fastcharging points in over 80 ALDI supermarkets in Spain
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