Atlante inaugurates its fastcharging stations in Saint-Memmie in France

Milan – Paris, 21 March 2023 – Atlante, the company of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to electric vehicles fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure, inaugurates its fastcharging station in Saint Memmie, near Chalôns-en-Champagne, in a commercial area owned by Fulton, a prominent real estate asset development company. The fastcharging station features 8 fastcharging points open 24/7 to customers of the commercial area and EV drivers.

Located beside the National Road N44 and in the highly frequented commercial area of Saint-Memmie, this station is the first of the network that, thanks to over 800 points of charge under construction, will soon connect all of France. In Saint-Memmie, given the proximity to the major roads, EV-drivers can enjoy state-of-the art on-the-go fastcharging and make the most of their charging time thanks to the useful facilities located in the commercial area such as restaurants, gym, banks, shops and supermarkets.

The spokesperson of Fulton Group declares: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Atlante to provide space for an electric car station in Saint-Memmie. It is a win-win arrangement between two companies who share the same vision of the future of sustainable mobility. We are proud to contribute to this partnership, which will offer a convenient, ecological solution to consumers at Saint-Memmie commercial area.”

Atlante will extend its distinctive approach to its entire network: locating stations along drivers’ regular commutes or high traffic arteries and in immediate proximity to service zones such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, entertainment complexes. This approach is not only key to our mission of empowering people to move freely in harmony with our planet, it also reflects our overarching sustainability commitment. EV drivers can in fact enjoy the services of existing local service providers. Thanks to this approach, Atlante stations bring tangible benefits to our site partners and local hosting community, without adding or building anything unnecessarily.

Present on all the e-Mobility Service Providers, that enable drivers to locate electric charging terminals, these stations will be easy for all to pinpoint, with a clear intention on covering the entire Southern Europe and France within a short time. To rise to this challenge, Atlante has today over 2,000 points of charge online and under construction in Southern Europe targeting over 3,000 by year end, 5,000 by 2025 and 35,000 by 2030.

Built up on its holding company NHOA, a global player in green energy storage, as well as on Stellantis, a worldwide car manufacturer, Atlante was founded to become the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe. Today a leader on the Italian and Portuguese market and established in Spain, Atlante’s objective is to become the leader of the sector also in France.

For this first inauguration, which paves the way for the roll-out of many others, Jacques Galvani, CEO of Atlante France, declares: “Our ambition is clear. We intend on offering users a high-performance solution and becoming the leader on the market in Southern Europe. Our service offer resolves the problem areas well-identified by motorists, and it provides a pertinent solution to the challenges of massively rolling out EV infrastructures. In the long run – with a dense grid of ultra-fast green terminals located alongside useful everyday services, and moreover in facilitating the management of local demands for electricity –, I am sure that we can address a need expressed by all: consumers, car manufacturers, local authorities”.


Atlante inaugurates its fastcharging stations in Saint-Memmie in France
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