Atlante: 52 new points of charge for the Municipality of Ancona

Milan, 21 November 2023 – Atlante, the company of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to electric vehicles fast and ultra-fast charging network, announces the signing of the contract with the Municipality of Ancona for the installation of 26 charging stations, powered by renewable energy.

The Municipality of Ancona, an ancient seaport city located in the Marche region, has demonstrated a focus on sustainable mobility through initiatives such as creating bike lanes, encouraging the use of public transportation, and investing in EV charging stations. In light of this, Ancona hosted in 2022 the 15th Ecoverso R-Ace, an international electric vehicle competition, demonstrating the city’s commitment to promoting sustainability and electric mobility raising awareness and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Atlante will install and operate 26 new charging stations, meaning 52 cutting-edge charging points, some of which will be fully equipped with solar canopies covering the stalls, concretely contributing to the on-site production of clean energy.

The interaction between the solar canopies and the vehicles generates a bifunctional framework where the vehicle recharges directly via photovoltaic energy, creating a virtuous and totally renewable circle, while, at the same time, providing protection for the vehicle itself, during the charging experience.

For this installation, Atlante officially underwrote an agreement with Estra Energie, a multi-utility company based in Siena and an active player in the field of quick charging solutions in the center of Italy.

Estra Energie is part of the Estra Group, a multiutility company particularly active in the distribution and sale of natural gas and in the sale of electricity. It also operates in other areas of activity, including the distribution of methane gas, telecommunications, integrated waste cycle management, renewables, and energy efficiency.

The agreement between Estra Energie and Atlante aims to combine Estra’s proximity to the territory with Atlante’s fastcharging technology. Indeed, the agreement involves the evaluation of joint installations of infrastructure in the territories of Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Molise, and Abruzzo.

With this intervention – comments the Deputy Mayor and Mobility Councilor Giovanni Zinnithe city equips itself with a network that, integrated with the private one, constitutes more than an excellent starting point to support the development of a serious and cutting-edge sustainable mobility. I thank the offices and all those who, with commitment and expertise, work every day to add fundamental pieces to the construction of a new way of thinking about mobility and parking. All this is essential to encourage the now urgent change of habits, especially in a capital city, home of the main services, an international commercial hub, and therefore a strategic junction of traffic and passage. It is with this kind of commitment that a green city is built, capable of combining efficiency and health in every choice.”

This first important result – declares Francesco Macrì, Executive President of Estraconfirms the positivity of the agreement for both companies, allowing the evaluation of opportunities for joint participation in public tenders announced in the aforementioned territories for the installation of charging infrastructure.”

“It is a great honor for us to be able to support an important and exceptional municipality like Ancona, city of historical treasures, buildings and seaside beauties in its path towards the energy transition. Atlante’s contribution to the development of electric mobility will put Ancona in the best position to meet the constantly increasing demand in terms of EV fastcharging, offering to all citizens and tourists coming to the region a greener solution”, commented Gabriele Tuccillo, CEO of Atlante Italy.


Atlante: 52 new points of charge for the Municipality of Ancona
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