Because we care

NHOA supports people and communities to build a better future.



PoliCultura, spearheaded by the Politecnico di Milano, is an international educational project inviting schools to craft multimedia narratives on diverse topics, from local culture to curriculum subjects. Open to all educational levels, it features a special track sponsored by the NHOA Group, focusing on celebrating women’s achievements in STEM.

Magari Domani ONLUS

NHOA is proud to support Magari Domani Società Cooperativa ONLUS, a cooperative established in 2008 with the aim of providing a space for sharing and experimentation where people with disabilities can recognize themselves as capable adults. Among the various educational activities, there is one dedicated to work that allows people with disabilities to integrate and truly interact in the production chain of local companies, collaborating in the realization of orders, with tasks suited to their abilities and skills. This project was realized thanks to Ciemme Cablaggi SRL – a supplier of the NHOA Group – which was the first to believe in the possibility of offering autonomy to people with disabilities in their adult lives.

Magari Domani has also activated the experimental initiatives “After Us” and “Accompaniment to Possible Adulthood” that give people with disabilities the opportunity to live together in apartments and continue to live with autonomy, love and dignity even when their parents or caregivers are no longer able to care for them.

Fondazione Theodora

In Italy, since 1995, the Foundation brings moments of joy and playfulness to the hospitalised children, taking care of their “healthy” side, with the special visits of Dottor Sogni, professional artists, commissioned and specifically trained to work in high complexity pediatric wards.

Girls@POLIMI scolarship

Targeting to multiply by 10 the number of women engineers to employ by 2025 and convinced of the primary importance of investing in human capital formation, NHOA supports the Girls@Polimi project of the Politecnico di Milano by donating a three-year scholarship.

The Girls@Polimi project aims to overcome the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines and it is part of the Polytechnic Equal Opportunities (POP) initiatives to support and guarantee a study and work environment that respects gender identity, disability, and culture.

Association Des Jeunes De Nkol-ezalap

The Nkol-ezala Youth Association assists disadvantaged young people of Nkol-Ezala district (Cameroon) in the design, setting up and monitoring of community development projects.