Fostering Élite Leadership and Harmony, encouraging a holistic well-being focus to better integrate personal and professional lives.

At NHOA, our People Strategy is at the core of our commitment to excellence, leadership, and the wellbeing of our employees. We have structured our approach around 10 key pillars to create an environment that fosters élite leadership while contributing to a more inclusive, integrated and thriving workplace where all individuals can excel as élite leaders while contributing with their unique perspectives to NHOA Group’s success.

10 pillars

Trust and Integrity


ÉLITE Leadership Development
We believe that leadership starts with personal and interpersonal balance. Our Elite Leadership Development programs focus on continuous learning and growth. We invest in the development of future leaders within NHOA Group through various training opportunities and holistic well-being initiatives.


Trust and Integrity
Ethical leadership, trust, and respect are the foundations of our organization. We maintain clear policies, governed by our Code of Ethics, to prohibit ethical misconduct. We provide regular ethics training to employees at all levels to ensure a culture of trust, respect, and integrity.


NHOA Group values the importance of balance between personal and professional life. Our FamilyWorking and NHOA Élite Programs offer flexible work arrangements and comprehensive well-being support to help our employees manage stress and maintain overall well-being.


Physical Wellbeing
We promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity as essential components of leadership. Our employees have privileged access to fitness facilities and personalized training programs, encouraging them to prioritize physical well-being.


Mental Wellbeing
We prioritize mental health by offering counseling services, employee development programs, and access to mental health professionals. We train our managers to create a psychologically safe work environment and promote mindfulness techniques for mental balance.


Performance Excellence
Recognizing and rewarding excellence is central to our culture. We establish clear performance expectations and metrics for employees at all levels. Our leaders are trained in performance psychology to help teams reach their maximum potential.


Continuous Feedback
We believe in the value of continuous feedback and open communication. Employees are encouraged to express their opinions, and we foster a culture of collaboration and growth. Our People Strategy evolves based on employee input and feedback.


Proactivity and Accountability
We encourage proactivity, initiative, and accountability among our employees. We reward those who demonstrate commitment and responsibility, empowering them to make a positive impact.


Equity and Fairness
We ensure that performance evaluations, promotions, and opportunities for advancement are based on fair and objective criteria. We regularly review and assess processes to minimize bias and ensure equal access to growth opportunities.


All our policies, programs, and training are accessible to every employee, regardless of their background or identity. We have inclusive recruitment practices and policies to prohibit harassment and discrimination in all forms.

Desired Culture

Our culture is built on 3 cornerstones – leadership, commitment, and harmony, ensuring that our people are Élite leaders with a clear sense of purpose.

Leveraging on a holistic well-being focus, centered on intrapersonal and interpersonal balance, coupled with continuous learning and growth.
Which implies strong dedication, taking ownership, persistence and accountability for the broader purpose of accelerating the transition to clean energy.
As we expect all our People to inspire and guide the society around them, thanks to the deep sharing of NHOA Group’s values, and most importantly, we give to all our People full empowerment to do that.

At the heart of the new People Strategy is the NHOA Élite Program, an innovative program that enables all NHOA Group employees to become élite leaders in their respective fields by providing training and support from world-class experts for physical and mental balance and performance optimization. The program invites all employees to question and experience for themselves what diversity and inclusion are all about.
The NHOA Élite Program will run for three years until 2026 and will be accessible to all NHOA Group employees in varying forms and intensities based on their corporate roles. Furthermore, it will extend its reach to athletes and selected coaches of the sports clubs that NHOA Group supports.

A revolutionary approach to work putting family at the centre within the NHOA Élite Program



  • Full virtual and balanced interaction.
  • Professional workstation.



  • Time flexibility: it is no longer mandatory to operate in the 9-18 time slot.
  • On a weekly basis, with your Outlook calendar, inform your team about how you will distribute your working hours and “private” slots.
  • Temporary part-time for those with children or family to take care of.



  • Among colleagues only videocalls from the workstation.
  • Teams uninstalled from your mobile phone.



  • Gympass app: offers flexible and personalized access to gyms, sports facilities, online classes, personal trainers and wellness apps.
  • App that measures the levels of engagement, motivation and stress.



  • NHOA 0-18 program.

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