The partnership between Atlante and LDC Hotels & Resorts is underway

A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel inaugurates the first of the fastcharging stations for the Group’s hotels

Rome, 25 March 2022 – Atlante, the Global Business Line of NHOA Group (NHOA.PA, formerly Engie EPS) dedicated to electric vehicle fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure, inaugurated today the first fastcharging station at the hotels and relais of LDC Hotels & Resorts with a collection of venues in Taiwan and Italy.

The ultra-fast charging devices inaugurated today at the Roman luxury hotel A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel is the first step of the collaboration between Atlante and LDC Hotels & Resorts, of which Nelson Chang, Chairman of TCC and NHOA Group, is CEO.

The Atlante fastchargers powered with 100% green energy will offer sustainable mobility services to the guests of the hotel group and will be open to the public, who will be able to use the exclusive services of the LDC Hotels & Resorts resorts during the charging time.

The event in Rome was attended by Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante, and Matteo Mancini, General Manager of A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, as well as Nelson Chang, Chairman of TCC and NHOA Group and CEO of LDC Hotels & Resorts, John Li, President of Taiwan Cement Corporation and Board Member of NHOA Group, and Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of NHOA Group.

“Transportation is the key factor of a hospitality industry. It is also a key contributor of carbon dioxide in the world. In order to have sustainable tourism, electrification of travelling is a must. LDC Hotels & Resorts has always believed in eco-tourism. So, A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel of LDC Hotels & Resorts is very happy to work with Atlante of NHOA Group to provide our customers with EV charging services” said Nelson Chang, Chairman of TCC and NHOA Group and CEO of LDC Hotels & Resorts.

“This partnership represents Atlante’s first step in the hotel segment. I believe hotels and more generally hospitality operators will prove key players to address the challenge of massive electrification of passenger cars. Atlante intends to position itself as a perfect partner for them, especially with the scheduled launch of our larger charging stations designed to manage smartly existing grid infrastructure. Meanwhile, the mission of decarbonising transport with renewable energy has become more urgent than ever” commented Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante. “I wish to thank LDC Hotels & Resorts management foresight for entrusting us with their electrification needs. These beautiful and efficient and 100% green energy fastchargers are proof that their trust has been well placed”.

Atlante, which is developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, enabled by renewables, energy storage and 100% vehicle-grid-integrated, last January signed a contract with Sonae Sierra, a leading real estate player with shopping malls in Italy, Spain and Portugal, for the electrification of a first shopping center in Italy.

The partnership with the hotel group LDC Hotels & Resorts represents a further step towards the aim undertaken by Atlante for the development of electric mobility in Europe.


The partnership between Atlante and LDC Hotels & Resorts is underway
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