Atlante and NHOA Energy with Virtus Basket Padova to promote BeyondSport values

Atlante and NHOA Energy are pleased to announce their partnership with Virtus Basket Padova Under 17 team to support and encourage young sporting talents while promoting life-long values.

Virtus Basket Padova is a professional basketball club that was established in 1945 in Padova. With a rich history, the club currently boasts over 750 members and engages in sports promotion activities that benefit approximately 2,500 young individuals aged between 4 and 20.

During the 2023 season, these young talents competed at the interregional level, which represents an undisputed achievement and a great reward for the hard work and commitment demonstrated during the entire season. In fact, the Under 17 Eccellenza team has just qualified among the 24 teams that over the upcoming weeks will contend the participation in the 2022-23 national finals scheduled for mid-June in Piombino.

Virtus Basket Padova is strongly committed to upholding the ethical and educational principles of sports as a means of fostering growth among young individuals. In line with NHOA Group’s corporate values, Virtus Padova offers a unique opportunity for social cohesion, goal-sharing, and cultivating a culture of respect towards opposing teams and athletes both on and off the field.

This partnership is part of NHOA Group’s BeyondSport initiatives, a broader pattern of support for sports associations considered an essential tool to learn fundamental life principles and core values, such as loyalty, team spirit, sacrifice, training, merit, fair play, and a taste for challenges.

Within this framework, this partnership represents an extra brick added to the already solid and ongoing collaboration between NHOA Group and the Municipality of Padua, which saw Atlante awarding last July a tender for the installation of two e-Mobility Hubs providing the city with a total of 80 fastcharging points powered exclusively by renewable energy, also produced by the solar panels on the solar canopies.

In addition, Atlante’s recent presence as a Golden Partner in the 10th edition of TEDxPadova further strengthens the connection with the city, reflecting the shared emphasis on values, ethical cohesion, and technological innovations. In light of this, Atlante and NHOA Energy wish the team all the best in their future endeavors, confident of their imminent success, on and off the field!

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