New microgrid in California

Paris – Milan, March 25, 2021 – Engie EPS announces to have been awarded for the development of a new energy storage system in Anza, California, confirming again the competitive strength and excellence of the Industrial Solutions business line.

The new system will work synergically with the energy storage system that Engie EPS deployed in 2020 enhancing the performance of the microgrid commissioned in December last year.

Engie EPS’ will supply its cutting-edge technology to boost the microgrid storage capacity up to 4.8 MVA and 9.6 MWh – a system size that could alone provide clean spinning reserve to thermal generation up to 150 MW.

Engie EPS’ energy storage system will increase the resilience of the microgrid enhancing grid stability through peak shaving and will maximize the integration of 4.6 MWp PV generation that will generate approx. 8.9 GWh of solar energy every year. Powering critical and emergency loads, the energy storage system will also enable a seamless transition to off-grid operation in case of grid blackouts.

“This is the latest result in a long series of successes in the American continent confirming Engie EPS’ competitive strength in this highly competitive market, where we not only have 600 MWh of secured projects under development but also a strong record of excellence in deploying complex microgrids. Our 15-year expertise in microgrids allows us to integrate all kind of power sources, coupling traditional thermal generation with renewables, granting our clients a cleaner energy mix with the best of performance and reliability”, commented Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO and General Manager of Engie EPS.

The project execution phase has already started and commissioning is scheduled for November 2021.

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