Gabriele Tuccillo

Gabriele Tuccillo

Group Strategy & CEO Atlante Italia

Work Experience

Gabriele Tuccillo joined NHOA Group, at the time Engie EPS in early 2019 where, after exploring all aspects of finance, grew up to be Chief Integration Officer and Strategy Officer and then moved on to be CEO of Atlante Italia, keeping his role in Group Strategy for NHOA Group. He started his career in Fincantieri where he worked in Finance Department reaching a total of 4 years’ experience in manufacturing companies.


Mr Tuccillo received his degree cum laudae in Business Administration from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and he never stopped his training. After two Masters, he also earned an Executive MBA at SDA Bocconi Business School.

Family & Free Time

Gabriele Tuccillo is from Naples and so has a strong connection with the sea, he also started training as a sommelier and enjoys making real estate investments. He is passionate about sports and, after many years swimming at competitive level, he started enjoying paddle.

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